drawin' letters with megan wells

Alisa Burke


Learn the basics of hand lettering from a unique perspective with South Florida-based artist Megan Wells, of Makewells. This class will introduce you to creating a variety of stylistic letterforms through exercises, prompts, and practices, all based on the principles of drawing.  Megan will also show you ways to draw printed type and cursive scripts, how to transform letters, words, and phrases into creative works of art, and will share tips on discovering your own unique lettering style!

Once you register and pay, within 24 hours you will receive an email confirmation with class information.

IMPORTANT- You will have access to this class until Jan 1, 2018

SUPPLY LIST: There is no required supply list for this class. Megan will be sharing the simple, everyday supplies and will give you a variety of options and inspiration to use supplies that work best for your process and your budget.



      • class costs $30
      • Class will be held on a private blog that only registered students are able to access.  
      • All information for the class is all posted at once and ready for access and work at your own pace.
      • YOU WILL HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS once you register
      • Basic computer skills are needed (be able to login, access a blog, etc) 
      • Class can be accessed from most digital devices with recent updates.
      • There are also: LOTS of photos step by step visuals
      • A high speed connection if definitely recommended (because of the above!) 
      • Feel free to register at anytime.
      • No refund unless there are special circumstances.



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