NEW! geometric- rubber stamp sheet

Alisa Burke

$6.00 $12.00

4 x 6 inch uncut and unmounted sheet of paisley rubber stamps.

My geometric designs are taken from the pages of my sketchbook and transformed into rubber stamps. They are designed with a variety of art and craft projects in mind. Inspired by own process of creating surfaces full of pattern, the variety of designs can be layered and repeated to create pattern on paper, fabric, clay and more!

Uncut and unmounted. You cut and mount as you please.You can mount these stamps to bases made of wood or other material, or you can back them with a special mounting cushion that uses static cling to adhere them to a variety of glossy-surfaced materials, such as clear acrylic blocks. This allows you to attach and reattach the stamps to mounting blocks, without having to use temporary adhesives. 

Made from my original artwork, copyrighted and all rights reserved.


Angel Policy


All of the stamp designs and images are hand drawn original artwork and copyrighted by Alisa Burke. Stamps are meant for personal, non-commercial use as all of the images are copyrighted. However, I appreciate that crafters/artists enjoy making their hand-stamped creations that they wish to sell them at local craft shows, fund-raisers, bazaars, and similar small venues. 

The following restrictions apply to Alisa Burke's Angel Policy:
1. Each project should be crafted by the individual and must be hand stamped. 
2. Electronic, mechanical, freehand, or graphic reproduction (such as scanning or photocopying) is strictly prohibited. 

3. A maximum of 50 hand-stamped items is permitted. 

4. Credit for the stamped images and ©Alisa Burke must appear on the back of your art. 
5. If your samples or work are published, Alisa Burke must be acknowledged in the publication and notified.
6. My black and white linework may ABSOLUTELY NOT be traded, swapped or sold either in digital or printed form without express written concent from me, Alisa Burke.

7. You may not use Alisa Burke stamp designs or any hand-made stamped work, for the purpose of creating logos and company trade marks. 


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