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SALE! alisa's favorites bundle

Alisa Burke

$30.00 $120.00
SALE! alisa's favorites bundle

I love all of the classes that I create but I do have my own personal favorites! I've bundled four of my favorite classes together for major cost savings! 

The sale price is $30 compare at $120 for all three classes! That is a $90 savings 

If you are interested in learning all kinds of ways to work in that art journal, this is the deal for you! 



There is nothing in this world that inspires me more than nature! From color, pattern, texture and sound, nature is my favorite place to seek and find inspiration. In this class we will be using an art journal to explore all kinds of prompts, mixed media techniques and exercises that revolve around the natural world.

With nature as our muse we will work through 1 lesson a day for 30 days. I will be sharing all kinds of drawing, mixed media and painting exercises- from drawing the wind to capturing texture to recording weather to finger painting landscapes, expressive drawing, collecting and documenting treasure and so much more- my hope is the inspiration to grab that art journal and go explore that big beautiful world!


Pour painting is one of my favorite techniques to break free and create! A pour painting is exactly what it sounds like- pouring paint onto a surface and then letting that paint move and mix around on the surface. And I love pushing this technique and getting really creative with layers. In this class I will be sharing simple ways to create pour paintings and then we will be pushing those surface with layers of drawings, doodles and collage.


One of my favorite “no pressure” ways to get creative in my art journal is altering magazine pages. I hunt for unique portraits and magazine pages and spend all kinds of time painting, drawing and doodling all over them. In this class I will be sharing my favorite ways to use a variety of mixed mixed media techniques to completely makeover magazine pages.


While I love to work on large surfaces, I've learned over time that working small- like really small can really push your creativity. In this class we will be exploring small surfaces. From painting on tiny canvas to drawing on small surfaces to creating tiny art journals, I will share some of my favorite ways to create miniature art!

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