classes and retreats

I’m so excited to announce that I finally have a public space to open up for my own classes and retreats!  My new studio is located in my fabulous hometown of Seaside, Oregon – a lush coastal community with miles of beautiful pristine beaches and vivid ocean views. Seaside is a small coastal resort town surrounded by nature’s wonders: Elk wander freely in our yards; seals mingle with the surfers; gray whales and dolphins graze offshore; tide-pooling at dusk; beachcombing after a winter storm unearths treasures washed up from far-off lands half a world away.  It’s a combination of the historical past (near Lewis & Clark’s final destination) and quaint modern coastal community.  The vintage 1920’s promenade boardwalk skirts the Pacific Ocean for a mile and a half and in the summertime the town is buzzing with activity. This is my hometown and the magnet that has been pulling me back North for so long.  It’s my greatest dream and exhilaration to offer classes and retreats in Seaside, Oregon and to share the wonders of the Oregon Coast with you. 




Classes are held in my studio- from three day retreats to one day classes my goal is to offer a variety of workshops that will inspire. As I begin this new journey I will be starting small and growing and evolving with new concepts, retreats and classes.

For more information about the Oregon Coast and the area visit the Oregon Coast Visitors Association


IMPORTANT NOTE: I am currently taking a break from teaching live in my studio during 2015. In the meantime you can check out my online classes!